Zumba® Fitness in the Hamptons Long Island New York with European-American artist/fitness dancer Kinga presenting high-energy, charismatic, calorie-burning party dance fitness focused on weight loss and body toning for classes, parties, dance fitness gigs, charity benefit fundraisers, special events.

Zumba® with "Oscar" - Thriving for Award-winning Excellence
"Excel and surpass all the others."
(Aristeueien, hypereikhon einai allon)

- The Achaeans
(Native Inhabitants of Achaea)


This page is sponsored by European-American Artist/Fitness Dancer, KINGA

Zumba® with Kinga
Zumba® With The Artist Who Loves Fitness
Bringing The Unique Charm of My Art To The Dance Floor
Charismatic Zumba® Craze Cardio Dance Fitness Classes Gigs and Parties

"I learned how to dance when I realized in my mind that dancing is like the art of portrait drawing. The choreography is the sketch canvas, my body is the pencil with which I draw the portrait. The objective is to reflect the minute details with refined precision using the technique of hard strokes of dark shades and gentle touch of highlights. I see the finished portrait in advance with my inner eyes and my body simply executes the commands of my mind to complete it." - Edina Kinga Agoston

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